The Great Hall of Dnipropetrovsk Philharmonic а.n.L. B. Koogan 20 MARCH 19:00
Piano duo V.Petrichenko A.Nikulin

Violina Petrichenko piano (Germany)

Arthur Nikulin piano (Ukraine)


By the 130th anniversary of the birth of V. Barvinsky and the 145th anniversary of the birth of S. Rachmaninov In the framework of the European presentation of the CD-ROM by Violeta Petrichenko "The Silent Voice of Vasyl Barvinsky"

Vasyl Barvinsky is a prominent representative of the Ukrainian musical culture of the 20th century, composer, pianist, conductor, music critic, rector of the Lviv Conservatory. He wrote hundreds of genius works, most of which were destroyed directly in front of the author during his arrest in the courtyard of the Lviv Conservatory, and the composer himself was repressed in Siberia. After returning from the concentration camp Vasyl Barvinsky called himself a "composer without music" ...

In the musical heritage of the composer - symphonic, vocal-choral, instrumental works, among them "Ukrainian Rhapsody", "Ukrainian Wedding", "Testament", "In the First Years," Concerto for piano and orchestra. For many years, during the Soviet era, Vasyl Barvinsky's works were silent and not fulfilled. After the independence of Ukraine, much effort was made to find and restore the lost works of the composer. Interest in his talented heritage has now grown. And not only in Ukraine - in particular, the pianist Violina Petritschenko in 2017 wrote and published in Germany the first ever CD with almost the entire piano heritage of V. Barvinsky. The presentation of this disc in 2017-2018 takes place in many European countries, and Dnipro fans of Ukrainian classical music also have the opportunity to participate in this event.

The works of Sergei Rachmaninoff are known all over the world. He has his own unique and unique style, which has absorbed many of the achievements of impressionism and the avant-garde has no analogues in the world of art.

Violina Petrichenko was born in Zaporozhye city. Graduated from Kiev National Academy of Sciences. P. Tchaikovsky's piano class. Later he studied at the Franz Liszt University of Music in Weimar and at the Cologne Higher School of Music and Dance in Professor Jacob Leuchner. Violina is the owner of numerous awards, scholarships, and incentive prizes. Conducts active concert activity, performs in Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic and Ukraine. The main objective of the pianist is the introduction of the European public with masterpieces of Ukrainian music, in particular, by works by V. Barvinsky.

Arthur Nikulin graduated from the Lviv National Music Academy named after M. Lysenko, where he studied in the class of outstanding pianist, honored artist of Ukraine Jozef Hermine. He trained at renowned contemporary pianists: N. Starkman, M. Petukhov, M. Krushelnytska, B. Hettske, T. Dussot, E. Reyes. The musician is actively touring. Performs in the best concert halls of Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands with well-known chamber and symphony orchestras. Arthur Nikulin is the winner of many prestigious international music contests. Closely cooperates with outstanding contemporary composers V. Silvestrov, L. Dichko, V. Runchak, V. Belyaev, D. Chesnokov, N. Bakry, is the first performer of their piano and chamber and instrumental compositions.

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