Dnipropetrovsk Philharmonic IM.L.B.KOHANA 21 NOVEMBER 19:00
Vocal show "Consonance" with the program "ABBA"

Vocal show "Consonance"

Cadance show-ballet


45 years ago the legendary ABBA group was founded. The whole world and all the numerous fans celebrate this date. Although since 1982 musicians do not perform together, almost three million discs of their songs are sold annually.

ABBA - a program in which you will hear the main world hits megapopular Swedish quartet. Actors vocal show Consonance, which you will see on stage, love and perfectly know the music of the legendary group. We invite you to our concert, even if you were at the presentations of our foreign colleagues. You will be fascinated by the way ABBA is sung by Ukrainian beauties and handsome men!

The charge of romanticism, drive and joy from the 70s today, here, now!

Dnepropetrovsk Philharmonic